Metaparadigm in Leininger's Theory

Madeleine Leininger’s Culture Care Theory focused on the concept of care that is essential and important in nursing. This makes the nurse’s function unique to other disciplines. Care best describes nursing because it is how nurse’s show their compassion and concern to the patient. Thus knowing the patient’s unique cultural attributes and at the same time assimi

lating it within the nursing proce

ss will surely render a culturally congruent care.

She didn’t emphasize on the usual nursing metaparadigm that most nursing theorists utilize such as person, environment and health, though she briefly described each.

The concept of person is culture-dependent especially in non-Western countries where they refer it collectively like family, communities, institutions which they value more than individual entities. Knowing that each culture differentiates the meaning of a person makes it limited to explain in nursing. Next will be the concept of health, since a lot of disciplines already used and defined the term, it is no longer distinct to nursing. Lastly, the concept of environment is important to nursing but it is also not unique to nursing. Thus she used environmental context instead of environment alone because using so includes the events with implications and meanings in a particular setting.

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